MUSICA EN MOVIMIENTO offers an opportunity to engage with music and creativity in new contexts.

The focus of our work is the physical, emotional and mental relationship we establish to music through the guitar.

Activities involve a focus on each of these areas through the development of group and personal practice.

During the Gatherings, opportunities for individual and group work are provided in a variety of formats: for example, Guitar Ensemble and Guitar Orchestra. Live Performance is one of the fundamental practices.

New repertoire is provided as well as the chance to present original work.

Movement and rhythm in all their musical expressions is a particular feature of our work and form the basis of this permanent teaching and learning experience.

MUSICA EN MOVIMIENTO is based on over twenty-five years experience that its instructors and guides have gained from “Guitar Craft” and “Guitar Circle” involvement.

Guitar work utilises the New Standard Tuning, which employs the “Pentatonic Tuning”, also known as “Guitar Craft Tuning”.

Callisthenics, the efficient use of both hands on the instrument, are a focus for developing a more co-ordinated, effortless, guitar style. Body practice also includes instruction in such physical styles as Tai Chi Chuan, Alexander Technique and Fendelkrais in order to train good postural habits and body directions.

We also use attentional and intentional techniques in order to deepen our experience of music and performance.

A particular characteristic of the MUSICA EN MOVIMIENTO gatherings is sharing the group practices of the Guitar Ensemble and Guitar Orchestras with the Classical Orchestras from “The Childs and Youths Choirs and Orchestras Program of Mendoza Province”; all of them located in rural and deprived urban areas.


  • A way to develop and deepen our relationship with the guitar;
  • A way to develop and deepen our relationship with music;
  • A way to develop and deepen our relationship with ourselves;
  • A way to develop and deepen our relationship with life and others.
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