Upcoming Events

Development and Performance, Ecuador

Tuesday 18th to Saturday 22nd of October 2022Quito, Ecuador These days are an opportunity for those with some experience of the New Standard Tuning and work in the Guitar Circle to review and refine their practice both on and away from the guitar. We shall focus on the principles of the Musica en Movimiento approach…

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Performance Gathering V. Guitar Orchestra Tour

Monday 5th of to Sunday 11th of December, 2022 Mendoza, Argentina This “Música en Movimiento” gathering summons people who have attended Música en Movimiento Gatherings and Introductions, or have NST/ Guitar Craft/ Circle experience. We will work with steel strings acoustic guitars with pick in both individual and group approaches, and in Guitar Orchestra format.…

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Advanced Practice: Introduction

Extended Project : 2022. Saturday 9th of April to Sunday 18th of December 2022 This nine-month course is for those who have worked who have worked with us on a consistent basis over the past four years. We intend to take what has been achieved so far and use it as a basis for more…

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