Advanced Practice: Introduction. AAD V

Extended Project : 2022. Saturday 9th of April to Sunday 11th of December 2022

This nine-month course is for those who have worked who have worked with us on a consistent basis over the past four years. We intend to take what has been achieved so far and use it as a basis for more Advanced Practice.

The course will consist of individually organized work and online sessions. Participants will work together with their home teams, individually, and with each others on the projects.

All the MeM elements will be present on the course: Guitar work (Calisthenics, Repertoire, Composition, Performance); Themes; Morning Exercises; Body Work (Feldenkreis, Tai Chi, Prana Yama, Qi Gong); Readings; Kitchen/ House work Craft. These will be offered in an integrated fashion and on a variable basis – both weekly and monthly – using the online platform, Zoom + meetings, and actual physical meetings.

This project will be completed after a Tour of The Guitar Orchestra in the West of Argentina, that will take place from the 5th to the 11th of December 2022.

Those who are interested and need detail information please write to

If you would like to participate, please write to stating the following:

  • Who are you?
  • Where do you come from?
  • What courses have you done?
  • What is your aim in undertaking this Introduction to Advanced Practice?
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