Active Listening I

Saturday 16th of November, 2019
Salta, Argentina

This Introduction to Active Listening summons music lovers with or without experience of playing musical instruments.

This meeting will present attentional and intentional techniques in order to deepen our experience of Music and Performance with special emphasis on the Audience´s role in “the act of music”: How do we listen? How we share in the experience of music?

Body practice will also include instruction in such physical styles as Fendelkrais and Tai Chi Chuan in order to train good postural habits and body directions with respect to musical appreciation.

Saturday the 16th of November from 10 to 18 hs

Those who whish to participate must send an application letter to saying:

Who are you?
Why do you wish to participate?
What is your aim?

Once the application letter is accepted you will receive the detailed information.

Contribution: ARG $800 – Includes meals and one ticket entrance for the Guitar Orchestra Performance that will take place at Centro Samsi on the 18th of November.


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